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The Classic Goldsmith

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The Classic Goldsmith


The Classic Goldsmith is an essential handbook for all bench jewelers. With up-close photographs and step-by-step instructions, this handbook will quickly become one of the most important tools at your bench. JA Certified Master Bench Jeweler, Mark Maxwell, virtually walks you through the hand fabrication of 23 stunning jewelry projects. Page after detailed page, Mark demonstrates hand fabrication techniques for making gorgeous jewelry – from an eternity band to a diamond cluster necklace.

If you’re looking for that one indispensable guide that features metalsmith bench techniques, including piercing, forging and soldering, along with expert advice for creating accurate layout lines and skillfully finishing jewelry – this book is for you.

Mark Maxwell brings more than 30 years of bench and jewelry manufacturing instruction experience to the pages of this must-have handbook. Whether you’re new to the jewelry industry or an established professional looking to sharpen your skills, The Classic Goldsmith can help you build your confidence at the bench and in front of potential employers or customers.

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“This is the clearest and most concise book on jewelry fabrication techniques I’ve had the pleasure to read. Mark has articulated jewelry fabrication in language and photography that cover very critical aspects of construction. This book is a bench-mate, the one I will keep close and wear out referencing details useful on a day to day basis. After my fifty plus years on the bench, I read the book cover to cover and learned.” Said Jim Grahl, Owner of J. Grahl Designs, a high end design, fabrication and product development company. Jim is also a great collaborator, and creator of the “Balboa Park Carousel Egg.”


Jim Grahl

J. Grahl Designs

“With traditional bench jewelry apprenticeships quickly becoming a thing of the past, advanced goldsmithing practices can be difficult to acquire. Proving invaluable to those aspiring to continue the age-old craft, Mark covers a range of solid techniques that also present an invigorating perspective for seasoned veterans. We would highly recommend The Classic Goldsmith as an important resource for jewelers looking to accelerate the quality of their work.”


Charlie Herner & Jeremy Dunn
The Rephinery

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